Dr. Syed Muhammad Omer

Dr. Syed Muhammad Omer

  • Position: Psychiatrist
  • Experience: 30 Years
  • Location: House No. 695, Shadman 1, Lahore
  • Email: psychiatryclinic695@gmail.com
  • Phone: 0300-5563888

Personal Experience & Biography

Dr. Syed Muhammad Omer Shah is a top psychiatrist at Psychiatry Clinic Lahore who is known for his competency in Psychiatry Department. He did his MBBS from 

Specialized Work

Typical Case

Marina Husban has many typical cases that she has successfully advised to help them overcome their situation, here are some of her typical cases when working at Medcaline:

  1. Help John in love         CLICK SEE DETAIL
  2. Advise AMIX company director on corporate governance        CLICK SEE DETAIL
  3. Help Geoge find himself when he is suicidal        CLICK SEE DETAIL




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