Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

The hallmark of all anxiety disorders is fear or excessive worry about future, health, day to day life events. This is accompanied by wide range of physical symptoms from head to toe.
The common physical symptoms are increased heart rate, breathlessness, choking, chest pain, chest compression, tremors, cold hands and fee. These symptoms appear without obvious organic causes Due to the physical nature of symptoms these patients used pay frequent physician visit. Numerous and unnecessary lab investigations is also conducted.

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Types of Anxiety Disorder

There are three main types of anxiety disorder

  • Panic Attacks (fear of death, heart attack, choking, etc.)

  • Generalized anxiety (Nonspecific fears)

  • Phobias (fears related to specific situation)

The first step in the treatment of anxiety disorder is confident diagnosis. This is because once the diagnosis, we discourage frequent doctor visits.
The patients with anxiety disorder get very good relief from psychotherapies and relaxation technique. Medicines are required if the condition is not improving with psychotherapy or if the condition is severe both medicines and psychotherapy are used

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