Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

As the name indicates this condition is characterized by two extreme phases of mood. The one is mania and the other is depression.
During the manic phase, the patients are very over talkative and overly energetic. These patients used to talk the whole day. They consider themselves special and superior. They are very grandiose, violent and aggressive. This phase may last for weeks to months.

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Bipolar Disorder

While the depressive phase is opposite to the manic phase. The patients are lethargic isolated. They feel themselves worthless and he is very hopeless.
The changes in both phases can occur randomly or during seasonal variations. If not treated properly the duration of individual episode increases. Every further episode causes decline in cognitive functioning.
The treatment of this disorder is very pretty because the treatment of one face can you switch the patient to other face. We provide complete treatment for bipolar disorder. Our psychiatrists fully trained to tackle the lability of episodes in this disorder.

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