Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment

The use of illicit drugs has increased enormously in our society. This is happening even in universities and colleges. The street drugs are not limited to streets nowadays. The major problem for the treatment of drug dependence is relapse
The patients who quit the drugs start taking again after some period. The main reason for relapse is the peer pressure ongoing stresses and the craving for drugs.

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Drug Addiction

A lot of effort is required to minimize the risk of relapse by the family members, psychiatrist, social support organizations
The treatment of drug dependence occurs in phases. The initial phase is called the detoxification. This period usually takes one to two weeks. This is the duration when the withdrawal specific to the very drug appears.
Treatment can be possible in OPD basis. But most of the time admission is required in secure facility. The admission is important as the withdrawal symptoms are difficult to manage at home. Risk of relapse is also very high in the initial phases of the treatment.
We have all the facility for the management of drug related issues. We provide medicine psychotherapy, indoor facility, rehabilitation etc.

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