OCD Treatment

OCD Treatment

OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder
The main features of this disorder obsessions and the compulsion.
The obsession are repetitive thoughts. These thoughts are intrusive and foolish. For example, frequent thoughts about dirt and contamination. These thoughts don't go away even after properly washing hands. Similarly, there can be doubts whether I locked the door or not. Even after checking multiple times, I am not satisfied, and still have the thoughts that door may not be locked.

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OCD Disorder

Compulsions are the repetitive actions that the patient perform in response to the observations. For examples repeated washing and repeated checking. Patient used to wash his hands even for hours.
This disorder significantly results in decline in daily functioning as hours and hours are spent in washing or doing other rituals.
Treatment of this disorder is both psychological as well as medicine. In mild to moderate cases, psychotherapy is used. In severe cases, both medicine and psychotherapy are used.

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