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We provide treatment for every domain of Psychiatry and all types of metal illnesses. This the place where you can confide by heart.
The people can share their issues with us as we give a plenty of time to discuss things. All information shared with us remains confidential.

Treatment Of All Types of Mental Illnesses

Our team of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists Mental hospital Lahore provide complete treatment for all types of mental illnesses. These include depression, generalized anxiety disorder, phobia, social anxiety, panic attacks. similarly schizophrenia and other bipolar disorders are also treated fully treated by
Our team is fully trained to personality disorders. There is is separated team to tackle mental health issues in children

Our Services

Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illness. And this is second major reason for global disease burden worldwide...

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OCD Treatment

The obsession are repetitive thoughts. These thoughts are intrusive and foolish. For example, frequent thoughts about dirt and contamination...

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Anxiety Treatment

The hallmark of all anxiety disorders is fear or excessive worry about future, health, day to day life events. This is accompanied...

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

As the name indicates this condition is characterized by two extreme phases of mood. The one is mania and the other is depression....

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Mental Health Issues In Children

Mental health issues in the children are one of the important subspecialties in the field of psychiatry. The concerns and the mental health...

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Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia is a serious illness that is characterized by problems in behavior perception and thoughts. The prominent...

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PTSD Treatment

This disorder appears after the exposure to severe traumatic event. The traumatic event is so severe that endangered life...

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Sleep Disorders Treatment

Common sleep issues are insomnias (decreased sleep) hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness), nightmares, sleep walking...

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and obesity are common eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by limited ...

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Mental Health issues in Old Age

We provide complete assess and treatment of mental health issues in old age. Common issues are impairment in memory and depression...

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Drug Addiction Treatment

The use of illicit drugs has increased enormously in our society. This is happening even in universities and colleges. The street drugs...

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The psychotherapies all the specialized techniques to treat the mental health conditions without the use of medicine. These techniques are...

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Sexual Disorder Treatment

The research has proven fact that the most of sexual disorders are psychogenic in origin. A lot of myths and misconceptions to attributed...

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