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We provide treatment for every domain of Psychiatry and all types of metal illnesses. This the place where you can confide by heart

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The people can share their issues with us as we give a plenty of time to discuss things. All information shared with us remains confidential.

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Mental health team

Treatment of all types of mental illnesses

Our team of qualified psychiatrists and psychologists provide complete treatment for all types of mental illnesses. These include depression, generalized anxiety disorder, phobia, social anxiety, panic attacks. similarly schizophrenia and other bipolar disorders are also treated fully treated by
Our team is fully trained to personality disorders. There is is separated team to tackle mental health issues in children


Depression Treatment

According to the research, more than 60% of individuals with psychiatric illnesses present with bodily symptoms. Having generalized body pains, headache, tiredness laziness, or stomach upset are the symptoms of depression

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety Treatment

The individuals with Anxiety disorder present with palpitation, heart sinking, tremors, sweating, difficulty in breathing. Most of these symptoms are physical and the bodily test are usually normal. The individuals with anxiety disorder also complaint of fear, excessive worry

OCD obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD Treatment

OCD is mental illness. Its main features are excessive and repetitive thoughts and actions. thoughts can be about dirt contamination, doubts orderliness, blasphemous thoughts. The actions can be excessive cleanliness, frequent checking or repetition of certain tasks

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

In this disorder there are two extreme phases of mood. One is depression and other is mania. They usually occur in cycles. It is treatable condition with good results. We provide complete treatment for bipolar Disorder


Qualified Team to tackle the mental health issues in children

To treat the mental health issues in children, special training is required. Our child psychiatrists and psychologist are fully equipped to treat children. Autism, ADHD, learning disability, conduct disorder, adjustment issues with parent are the common mental health issues in children

Our Psychiatrists

Dr. Syed Muhammad Omer Psychiatrist
Dr. Syed Muhammad Omer

FCPS Psychiatry
Experience More than 7 years

Dr. Mariam Iftikhar

FCPS Psychiatry
Experience More than 9 years

Dr. Azmat Beig Psychiatrist
Dr. Azmat Beig

MD Psychiatry
Experience More than 7 years

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