Admission Facility in Best Mental Hospital Lahore

We are the best mental hospital lahore and having best admission facility for the treatment of psychiatric patients. Treatment of psychiatric patients a bit different in hospital admission. In this scenario patients are in close supervision of mental health professionals. We have a team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. Our Psychiatric nurses are also fully trained to handle the behavioral issues of patients with mental illness

Why Admission is required in Mental Hospital Lahore?

Just remember in Mental hospital Lahore admission is not always required. Even severe psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia can be treatment at home. But in some cases, patient refuse to take any kind of medicine still they very aggressive and violent. In this case there is a risk of violence on others. Similarly, patients refuse to take any kind food. Family reports that are without any food even for weeks.

Following common reasons are listed that may require hospitalization

  • Violent and aggressive patient
  • Refusal to take medicine
  • Refuse to take any kind of food or meal
  • Risk of suicide
  • detoxification and rehabilitation

Our Features

We provide treatment for all types of mental illness. Our admission facility for psychiatric patients is best in town. We work in accordance with international guidelines for the treatment of psychiatric patients.

  • Qualified team of Psychiatrists
  • Qualified team of Psychologist
  • Trained and experienced paramedical Staff
  • Secure Facility with all information remain confidential
  • Family Member can stay with patient