Best Psychologist in Lahore

We have the team of qualified best psychologist in Lahore. We provide treatment and support in almost every aspect of mental health. Our professional's are fully qualified, experienced and we practice according to standard guidelines

Dr. Samina Kanwal

MSc (Applied Psychology) from University of the Punjab, Lahore and MS (Clinical Psychology) from Lahore Garrison University, Lahore

Dr. Syed Kumail Raza

MSc Applied Psychology from Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab Lahore, MS Clinical Psychology from Riphah International University

Dr. Samra Shahid

BS Psychology, MS I/O Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Child & Adults Psychotherapy (PGDP), Writing Analysis. More than 2years experience

What does the psychologist do?

A psychologist or psychotharapist is a professional who uses scientific methods to study how human behavior, thoughts, and emotions work. They are also called clinical psychologists and behavioral psychologists. A psychologist is someone who helps people with mental health issues by providing counseling and therapy. A clinical psychologist is someone who specializes in mental health. A psychological counselor works with people on their mental health issues.

Psychiatrists are the most common type of professional that deals with mental health issues and they are also considered to be clinical psychologist, but they usually have medical training as well as psychology degrees.

A psychologist is a health care professional who uses psychological principles and methods to understand, diagnose, and treat mental health problems through psychotherapy. A psychologist helps people with mental health issues by providing access to the best psychiatric treatment that they can. They also help people get to know their emotions better and manage them more effectively.

A clinical psychologist is a type of psychologist who has completed a doctorate in psychology or a related field, such as social work or counseling psychology. A clinical psychologist provides psychotherapy by working with clients one-on-one. A psychologist is someone who studies and understands the human mind. They are trained to help people with mental health issues and can provide insight into the human psyche.

A clinical psychologist is someone who has a doctorate in psychology and specializes in clinical psychology. They provide psychotherapy, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for clients. Behavioral psychologists have a doctorate in psychology too but they focus on studying human behavior. Psychological counselors are those who have a master’s degree in counseling or social work with a specialization in counseling psychology.

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