CBT Techniques For Loneliness; Best Self-Help Guide Ever

Introduction Cognitive behavior therapy techniques for chronic loneliness provide the clinician with a wide range of cognitive and behavioral techniques that can be used for anxiety, aggressive problems, phobia, depression, and other forms of psychopathology. Read the full article to learn about CBT techniques for loneliness. Cognitive Behavior Therapy does not proffer the power of […]

Mental Health and Disability Management; A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Mental health and disability management are becoming important in a world that is growing more aware of human well-being. Mental health can have a huge impact on disability management. The individual with a physical disability has a significant impact on mental health. And deteriorating mental health can hamper the recovery from disability This thorough […]

How to practice good sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene improves quality and quantity.  Tips for a healthy sleep routine: Use these recommendations to create a healthy sleep pattern and improve sleep quality. Water before bed? To stay hydrated, drink water throughout the day, but avoid drinking it before night. Drinking water before bed might help you stay hydrated overnight, but it can […]

Living with Schizophrenia Patient

Living with Schizophrenia Patient; Positive and Negative role of family Families play a very crucial role in the adjustment of people with schizophrenia. It is worth mentioning that it has not only a positive impact on long term outcome but also has a negative impact, if not managed properly.  The family role has a huge […]