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Psychiatry Clinic

A Team of highly dedicated and qualified Best psychiatrist in lahore and Psychologists. Our goal to is help and treat the individuals with mental health issues. This is the place where you can confide by heart.

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We are the dedicated Mental health Professionals.

Under the platform of psychiatry clinic we are the team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists working togather to uplift mental issues of our clients

Our Features

World-Class Patient Care

  • Treatment of All types of mental illnesses
  • Plenty of time to discuss things
  • Separate team for children mental health
  • Inpatient Treatment facility

Our Doctor Says

Dr. Mariam Iftikhar


In our experience, 89% of people find it difficult to visit a psychiatrist and psychologist although they need it. The main reasons are stigma, availability of mental health professionals. The people are afraid "what others will say?"

Our Services

Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the most common psychiatric illness. And this is second major reason for global disease burden worldwide...

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OCD Treatment

The obsession are repetitive thoughts. These thoughts are intrusive and foolish. For example, frequent thoughts about dirt and contamination...

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Anxiety Treatment

The hallmark of all anxiety disorders is fear or excessive worry about future, health, day to day life events. This is accompanied...

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