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Welcome to Psychiatry Clinic

A Team of highly dedicated and qualified Best psychiatrist in lahore and and Psychologists. Our goal to is help and treat the individuals with mental health issues. This is the place where you can confide by heart.

In our experience, 89% of people find it difficult to visit a psychiatrist and psychologist although they need it. The main reasons are stigma, availability of mental health professionals. The people are afraid "what others will say?" Dr. Mariam Iftikhar

Our Features

World-Class Patient Care

  • Treatment of All types of mental illnesses
  • Plenty of time to discuss things
  • Separate team for children mental health
  • Inpatient Treatment facility

Our Team

Dr. Syed M Omer

MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry
Experience 8 years

Dr. Mariam Iftikhar

MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry
Experience 9 years

Dr. M Azmat Beig

MBBS, MD Psychiatry
Experience 8 years

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Our Services

Depression Treatment

Complete treatment including psychotherapy, CBT, and Medicine by experienced professional
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OCD Treatment

Repetitive, intrusive thoughts and repetitive actions are the main features. Treatment includes various techniques (ERP) and medicines are given when required
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Anxiety Treatment

Our professional are fully experienced to treat all types and anxiety disorder

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