Dr. Rana Nasir is a kind and professional psychiatrist in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Nasir has over a decade of experience in psychiatry and is dedicated to providing his patients with thorough, tailored mental health care.

Dr. Rana Nasir earned his FCPS in psychiatry after graduating from a top Pakistani medical institution. He can diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, bipolar illness, and personality problems due to his considerable training and experience.

At Psychiatric Clinic Lahore, Dr. Nasir takes a patient-centered approach to care. He works closely with patients to create customized treatment regimens that meet their requirements and aspirations. He treats the full person, not just their symptoms, and fosters a trusting, respectful, and compassionate therapeutic partnership.

Dr. Nasir treats psychosexual difficulties such as sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual addiction, and gender identity concerns. He realizes that these difficulties are tough to discuss and provides a secure and confidential space for his patients to discuss and seek help.

Dr. Rana Nasir stays current on psychiatry research and best practices. He prescribes safe, effective, evidence-based treatment. He promotes psychiatry through teaching and research and has published various research studies.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Nasir recognizes that mental health concerns can be tough to cope with, and he aims to establish a friendly and loving environment where his patients can feel heard, acknowledged, and empowered. To improve mental health, he offers medication management, psychotherapy, and other evidence-based therapies.

Dr. Rana Nasir is one of Lahore’s top psychiatrists due to his patient-centered care. He listens to his patients and provides the best care.

Dr. Rana Nasir can help if you need a compassionate, professional psychiatrist for mental health difficulties. Schedule an appointment with him today to start living a happier and healthier life.

Dr Rana Nasir

Dr. Rana Nasir

FCPS Psychiatry
Clinic Schedule
Monday to Saturday
7 pm to 10 pm
Consultation Charges
Rs. 3000