Anxiety Treatment

What is anxiety disorder?

The hallmark of all anxiety disorders is fear or excessive worry about future, health, day to day life events. Some people fell into panic attack you can say anxiety attack as well which need immediate consultation with psychiatrists. This is accompanied by wide range of physical symptoms from head to toe. The common physical symptoms are increased heart rate, breathlessness, choking, chest pain, chest compression, tremors, cold hands and fee. These symptoms appear without obvious organic causes Due to the physical nature of symptoms these patients used pay frequent physician visit. Numerous and unnecessary lab investigations is also conducted.

Anxiety is the natural reaction of your body towards stress compelling your body to implement evasive measures. It is a kind of feeling that arises from fear or expectation about what`s to come ahead in near future. You may take it as anxiety of the first day at school or at work, or job interview, fear of heights, phobias, and others. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy are considered to be the most effective anxiety treatment at Psychiatry Clinic. Our expert doctors recommend some of the best management options for anxiety treatment such as:

  • Adjust the diet
  • Counselling
  • CBT
  • Mindfulness
  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Breathing techniques
  • Awareness about anxiety
  • Embracing fears and trying to overcome them

Stress Management:

Stress management covers several techniques and therapies focusing on managing stress levels. Stress management is especially recommended to patients with chronic stress issues to improve their mundane routine. Although, stress is the natural reaction of the nervous system if not controlled the issue may get severe. Even regular day stress such as meetings, achieving goals or meeting deadlines may play havoc with your nervous system if not managed properly. Psychiatry Clinic is sharing some tips to deal with stress management including:

  • Practice deep breathing techniques
  • Keep exercising on a regular basis
  • Maintain social media timings
  • Discipline your life matters
  • Take at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Engage in community services

Maintain a healthy diet and take breaks from work

Types of Anxiety Disorder

There are three main types of anxiety disorder

  • Panic Attacks (fear of death, heart attack, choking, etc.)
  • Generalized anxiety (Nonspecific fears)
  • Phobias (fears related to specific situation)

The first step in the treatment of anxiety disorder is confident diagnosis. This is because once the diagnosis, we discourage frequent doctor visits.
The patients with anxiety disorder get very good relief from psychotherapies and relaxation technique. Medicines are required if the condition is not improving with psychotherapy or if the condition is severe both medicines and psychotherapy are used

Stress Management Treatment:

Stress is part of daily life motivating you to achieve your goals or overcome difficulties. Remaining motivating and taking the stress positively will keep you out of hot waters. Whereas, if you give up on the stress or take it negatively then you will certainly suffer from the stress issues. You could find the best stress management treatment at Psychiatry Clinic. Our doctors recommend a range of tips that if your implement may treat your high-stress levels including:

  • Daily Exercise
  • Healthy Diet
  • Daily Yoga
  • Breathing Techniques
  • 8 hrs of sleep per day
  • Medications if prescribed
  • Socializing with a positive company

Types of Anxiety Disorder :

Psychiatry Clinic is considered among the top medical centres in Lahore offering world-class anxiety treatment to patients. Anxiety should be managed and it may give you some amazing results. For example, if you get motivated with the stress to achieve your goal then it may help you positively or if taken negatively, then your performance will be affected. Anxiety is also the most common kind of mental disorder, especially in adults facing some kind of stress in life. Our experts of anxiety treatment classify major types of anxiety disorder such as:

Best Psychologist for Anxiety Disorder in Lahore:

Psychiatry Clinic offers the best Psychologist for Anxiety Disorder in Lahore. Our psychologists in Lahore are highly qualified and trained in treating anxiety disorders. Our experts also train the patients to live healthier lives with better stress management skills. Experts also recommend CBT to manage high anxiety levels. Psychotherapies are also considered to be effective anxiety disorder treatment as they include psychologists and patients working together to talk out the issues in a specific pattern. The sessions could prove to be highly productive if both work in harmony. The patients are also advised to practice the techniques learned in the sessions, outside of the sessions to keep managing the stress every time it hits them anywhere.

The most effective Stress Management Treatment in Lahore:

The most effective stress management treatment in Lahore could only be found at Psychiatry Clinic. The reason is that the psychologists and other professionals at our center are certified with years of experience with a range of patients. Chronic patients are advised to manage the stress levels before it spirals out of their hands. When stress is overwhelming then it starts taking a toll on the patients. There are several effective stress management treatments in Lahore as follows:

  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Do some yoga and meditation
  • Indulge in healthy socialization
  • Keep exercising on a regular basis
Anxiety Treatment
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