Mental Health issues in Old Age

Dementia and types:

We provide complete assessment and treatment of mental health issues in old age. Common issues are impairment in memory and depression. Dimentia such as Alzheimer disease are important causes of memory loss in old age.

If you are looking for the best diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues then we guarantee that Psychiatry Clinic is the only medical clinic in Lahore. The centre offers consultation and treatment from world-class doctors with years of experience in treating mental disorders. We have classified mental issues in several types such as:

Mental Health issues in Old Age

We feel pride in admitting that almost all mental health issues in old age are treatable in the Psychiatry Clinic. The most common mental disorders in elderly people include Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Most of these mental illnesses could mostly be found in a large number of old age people. It is observed that different areas present different ratios of mental issues in old age people. But with ageing, older people are at risk of several kinds of mental issues, and neurological issues.

Some psychiatric illnesses appear late in life such as depression, late onset schizophrenia. Their presentation is little bit different from that of early onset. For example, depression is old age is more commonly associated with fatigue, lethargy, body. Medical comorbidities are also common in this age group such as diabetes, hypertension, renal, liver, and heart issues. Medicines for these conditions can interact with medicine used for mental health conditions. So careful evaluation by qualified psychiatrists is usually required to treat mental health conditions in old age.

Mental Health issues in Old Age Treatments in Lahore

Psychiatry Clinic offers a golden opportunity for mental health issues in old age treatment in Lahore. There are several signs from which you could guess the mental issues in older people including paranoia, anxiety, excessive depression, chronic sadness, frequent frustration, extreme mood swings, social anxiety, eating disorders, and sleep disorders. It is pertinent to mention that societies must be ready and prepared to avoid mental issues in old age by practicing several techniques such as eating healthy, daily exercise, maintaining a positive attitude, avoiding depression, keeping healthy company, taking 8hrs of sleep on a regular basis and several others. In addition to such a care regime, we offer the best kind of treatments in Lahore including:

  • Support groups
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Supportive psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Best Clinic for Mental Health issues Treatments

The best Clinic for Mental Health issues Treatments is undoubted, Psychiatry Clinic. Mental health issues affect all ages but mostly elderly people. The digital boom in medical science has revolutionized mental disorder treatments and made them easily accessible. Psychiatry Clinic is the largest and latest medical centre treating mental issues for several years. What makes us exclusive is that our doctors are the best in all of Lahore with years of world-class experience in dealing with especially old age people. We offer treatment for all kinds of mental issues including old age people. What treatments we offer could not be found in any other clinic such as:

  • Result-oriented
  • Data-driven
  • Long-term

Top Psychologist for Mental Health issues in Old Age

Top Psychologist in Lahore for Mental Health issues in Old Age is only available at Psychiatry Clinic. Our psychologists and psychiatrists will diagnose and assess your mental disorder and then come up with the best treatment plan for that mental issue. The experts are fully capable of providing the best treatment to old age suffering from mental disorders. If an old age person is facing life challenges and wants to improve then psychologists are the best option. Additionally, if you are facing complex mental conditions then psychiatrists are the best option. The good news is that we offer services from both psychologists and psychiatrists. All you have to do is CALL US NOW and seek the much–needed help while improving living conditions.

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