Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Treatment :

An eating disorder is a kind of serious mental health issue related to disturbed eating. Such disturbed eating habits may affect physical or mental health. Unhealthy eating patterns may cause a decrease or increase in body weight resulting in health decline. But the good news is that eating disorder is completely treatable at Psychiatry Clinic. Several types of eating disorders treatment include:

  • Anorexia: Patients restrict from eating and consequently lose weight to a point where it becomes life-threatening
  • Bulimia: At first patients eat in an uncontrolled manner and then also strive in an unhealthy manner
  • Binge: patients suffering from Binge may experience uncontrolled eating habits and then be unable to control it

Treatment of eating disorder consists of weight restoration, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Medicines are not always required. However, if the condition is severe or not responding to psychotherapy, then use of medicine becomes necessary.

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and obesity are common eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by limited eating with the fear of gaining weight. Although the individual is under weight, they consider themselves fat. These people are markedly underweight.
The main feature of bulimia nervosa is episodes of excessive intake of food followed by self-induced vomiting.
Obesity can be due to a lot of medical conditions. However, some psychiatric issues can also lead to obesity. One is atypical depression. In this condition patient is depressed and his/her appetite markedly increases.

An eating disorder is a complex and serious mental health issue that has the potential to affect the physical and emotional health of a patient. Eating disorder treatment may also include treating health issues related to disturbed eating patterns. Seeking expert opinion is vital for the proper treatment of the eating disorder. If left untreated, then serious health problems may arise. This is the reason Psychiatry Clinic is offering the best eating disorder treatment with the help of world-class experienced doctors. The eating disorder treatment may include:

Our doctors may recommend one or a combination of the treatments. The treatment depends on the diagnostics carried out by the doctors.

Best Psychologist for Eating Disorder Treatment in Lahore:

If you are looking for the best psychologist for eating disorder treatment in Lahore, then Psychiatry Clinic is the best clinic for such treatments. Given the serious consequences of the eating disorder, it is highly recommended that the patients must seek expert help, preferably from our clinic. Our eating disorder treatment expert doctors are qualified and certified with years of a world-class experience. Our center is offering treatment from a range of services such as:

  • Registered dieticians
  • Eating disorder therapists
  • Eating disorder psychiatrists
  • Specialist physicians for treating eating disorders

Benefits of Eating Disorder Treatment:

If you want to get the best benefits of eating disorder treatments then CALL US NOW at Psychiatry Clinic. Our doctors are highly qualified with years of proven experience in treating eating disorders. No matter the severity of the eating issue, we can guarantee treatments with proven results that are data-driven. We take every patient and their eating disorder as a challenge and try to come up with the best treatment. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Awareness and comprehensive understanding about eating disorders
  • Directly treating psychological effects of eating disorder
  • Learn and practice eating in a controlled manner
  • Proper treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Learn and practice coping skills
  • Learn and practice eating healthy

Eating Disorders Information & Treatment:

Psychiatry Clinic brings the best news to you that we are offering the best eating disorders information and treatment cost-effective rates. If you are looking for the best clinic for treating your or your loved ones` eating disorder treatment, then all you have to do is contact us at any time and seek the much-needed treatment. Several treatments for treating eating disorders are offered including:

  • Psychotherapy: Our professional psychotherapists will determine, whether you need therapy or not and what kind of therapy do you require for treating an eating disorder. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is considered the best therapy for treating eating disorders.
  • Maudsley Approach: This form of family therapy is also considered effective while helping the parents of the patients. Parents are taught to guide the child`s eating habits.
  • Nutrition Counselling: Our certified nutritionists will guide us to follow a healthy and disciplined eating plan. Such discipline will gradually guide you to eat in a controlled manner while eating healthy.

Medications: It is up to the doctors to best recommend the medications to the patients suffering from eating disorders. Some also prescribe anti-depressants as eating disorder medication.

Best Clinic Eating Disorder Treatment in Lahore:

Psychiatry Clinic is a well-known and the best clinic for eating disorder treatment in Lahore. If you think that you’re eating habits are not in your control then just consult our best doctors and get the required guidance. First of all the doctors will thoroughly diagnose whether are you suffering from an eating disorder or it is just your perception. You will find several centres for treating eating disorders but the best treatment you may find is Psychiatry Clinic. The first-hand feedback from our present and previous patients is itself proof that we don’t just say words but we own what we promise. We are fully capable of providing a qualified team of experts including physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and psychiatrists to help in speedy recovery from any kind of eating disorder.


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