How to practice good sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene improves quality and quantity.  Tips for a healthy sleep routine: Use these recommendations to create a healthy sleep pattern and improve sleep quality. Water before bed? To stay hydrated, drink water throughout the day, but avoid drinking it before night. Drinking water before bed might help you stay hydrated overnight, but it can […]

Obesity as Psychological Disorder?

Obesity as Psychological Disorder? Obesity is a very serious problem; one we sometimes overlook. The problems that come with it are not the ones we might be able to neglect. Obesity is not just a mere state of being; it is an actual disorder that is characterized as excessive body fat. A person is considered […]

How The Psychiatrist Can Help?

How The Psychiatrist Can Help? INTRODUCTION: Most of the people ask that how the psychiatrist can help? Psychiatric doctor provides psychological treatment, prescribe medications. Far too many patients may be worried like seeing a psychiatrist for mental illnesses. People may avoid medication. This is because they are afraid about the negative reputation associated with mental […]