Umair Mudassir, a Lahore-based clinical psychologist, welcomes you. Umair is a trusted and respected therapist who gives high-quality psychological services.

The qualifications of Umair Mudassir are a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and an advanced diploma in clinical psychology. He provides evidence-based, holistic therapy to his clients using CBT, NLP, and hypnosis. He also has Islamic Psychology training to provide culturally relevant counseling.

Umair Mudassir offers solo, couple, family, and group treatment at Psychiatric Clinic Lahore. Psychological examinations and evaluations assist him to diagnose and comprehend his clients’ concerns. His compassionate, empathetic, and competent therapy is tailored to each client’s needs.

Umair Mudassir’s clients commend his professionalism, devotion, and ability for creating a secure and supportive therapeutic atmosphere. He has helped people with anxiety, despair, trauma, and personality disorders live fulfilling lives. Umair Mudassir’s evidence-based and holistic treatment gives clients the knowledge and resources to manage their mental health challenges.

Umair Mudassir excels at building trusted relationships with clients. He listens to his clients’ tales and helps them identify their concerns because he knows mental health issues are delicate and personal. He provides a safe, nonjudgmental space for clients to express their feelings.

Umair Mudassir’s Islamic Psychology expertise helps him to treat Muslim customers culturally. He helps his clients realize how cultural and religious values might improve their mental health and well-being.

Umair Mudassir is a compassionate, experienced clinical psychologist who offers tailored, evidence-based therapy. His holistic and culturally aware approach can help you identify and manage your mental health difficulties. Please schedule an appointment with him today to start living a happier and healthier life.

In conclusion, Umair Mudassir is a skilled clinical psychologist that offers a variety of mental health treatments. Umair Mudassir is a notable psychologist due to his considerable training and expertise. His individualized, evidence-based approach to treatment and ability to create a secure and supportive environment have gained him a dedicated following of clients who trust and rely on him.

Dr. Umair Mudassir

MS Clinical Psychology
Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Certification in CBT, NLP, Hypnosis
Additional Training in Islamic Psychology
Clinic Schedule
Monday to Saturday
8 pm to 10 pm
Consultation Charges
Rs. 3000