Samra Shahid, a clinical psychologist, loves helping people overcome mental health issues. Samra is a top psychologist due to her vast training and expertise. Her professionalism and compassion have helped many people overcome mental health challenges and reach their full potential.

Samra has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD). Furthermore, she also has additional certification in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT. These credentials enable her to give clients comprehensive, evidence-based psychological services.

Samra provides solo, couple, family, and group treatment at Psychiatric Clinic Lahore. She conducts psychological exams to identify better and understand her clients’ difficulties. Her treatment plans are individualized and sympathetic.

Samra is an expert in using CBT and DBT to treat mental health difficulties. Anxiety, sadness, borderline personality disorder, and emotional dysregulation respond well to these therapies. Samra helps her clients establish healthy coping skills, emotional regulation, and overall well-being with her caring and perceptive approach.

Samra’s ability to create trust with clients is exceptional. She knows that everyone’s experiences, emotions, and circumstances impact their mental health. So, she listens to her clients, understands their viewpoints, and helps them find the root causes of their mental health concerns.

Samra’s clients laud her expertise, understanding, and ability to assist them succeed. Her clients report considerable changes in mental health and well-being. She has a dedicated following of clients who trust her to help them overcome mental health challenges and reach their full potential.

Samra Shahid is a compassionate and skilled clinical psychologist who can help with mental health difficulties. Her tailored and evidence-based approach can help you discover and manage your concerns. Schedule an appointment with her today to start living a happier, healthier life.

Dr. Samra Shahid

MS Clinical Psychology
Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Certification in Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Certification in Dialectical Behavior Therpay
Clinic Schedule
Monday to Saturday
4 pm to 6 pm
Consultation Charges
Rs. 3000