Drug Addiction

Importance of rehab centres:

The use of illicit drugs has increased enormously in our society. This is happening even in universities and colleges. The street drugs are not limited to streets nowadays. The major problem for the treatment of drug dependence is relapse. The patients who quit the drugs start taking again after some period. The main reason for relapse is the peer pressure ongoing stresses and the craving for drugs.

Drug addiction is a long-term relapsing disorder characterized by repeated drug use seeking by the person addicted to them. The frequent and repeated use of the drugs by the addicted person may face consequences to his/her health including physical and psychological. All main organs are affected by excessive use of drugs. A person having chances of getting used to the drugs may involve several factors such as psychological issues, genetic developments, environmental and a blend of social reasons. Several methods are in-use worldwide and at Psychiatry Clinic to treat the patients suffering from drug addiction including medications, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The purpose of these methods teaches the patients to live a healthy lifestyle free of drugs.

Drug Addiction Treatment:

Doctors at Psychiatry Clinic recommend different drug treatment methods. The specialist may recommend one or more treatment for the long term effects of the treatment. The patients may also be given the option of the choices of treatments keeping in view their comfort levels and affordability. We are offering a range of drug addiction treatments that are verified and certified by competent authorities including Detoxification, CBT, Rational Emotive Behavior therapy, medications, psychotherapy, certain exercise, counselling and Contingency Management. If you or your loved one is suffering from drug addiction then Psychiatry Clinic is the best medical Centre to treat this menace once and for all at affordable packages.

A lot of effort is required to minimize the risk of relapse by the family members, psychiatrist, social support organizations
The treatment of drug dependence occurs in phases. The initial phase is called the detoxification. This period usually takes one to two weeks. This is the duration when the withdrawal specific to the very drug appears.
Treatment can be possible in OPD basis. But most of the time admission is required in secure facility. The admission is important as the withdrawal symptoms are difficult to manage at home. Risk of relapse is also very high in the initial phases of the treatment.
We have all the facility for the management of drug related issues. We provide medicine psychotherapy, indoor facility, rehabilitation etc.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Lahore:

Drug addiction treatment in Lahore is provided with 100% satisfaction at Psychiatry Clinic. The doctors treat every patient with care and love not like a client, and this is what stands us apart from our competitors. The uncontrollable or compulsive drug-seeking addictions is totally treatable with several patients as proof. All you have to do is book an appointment with our doctors and trust the process till its end. Once the drug treatment process in Lahore is completed you will also recommend us to other patients with similar drug issues. Psychiatry Clinic is not just a drug addiction treatment Centre but in fact, it is a place that offers a lifetime opportunity to live a better life once again along with contributing to society positively. Several drug addiction treatments in Lahore are offered some of which include CBT, counselling, therapies, exercises, medications, and follow-ups to prevent relapse.

Drug Addiction Center in Lahore:

Psychiatry Clinic is considered to be the best drug addiction Centre in Lahore. The doctors will thoroughly diagnose and then recommend the best treatment option for the patients. Actually, drug treatment aims to help addicted individuals prevent compulsive drug seeking and its abusive usage by the patients. The doctors may also recommend a combination of treatments to keep the effects for a longer period of time. It is observed in several drug addicts that drug addiction is a chronic disease. The treatment is a true test of willpower but with the help of our doctors, it becomes easy for the patients.

Best Doctors for Drug Addiction Treatment in Lahore:

The best doctors for drug addiction treatment in Lahore is available at Psychiatry Clinic. The doctors may recommend several drug addiction treatments among which rehabilitation is one of the best choices to minimize or slow down the bad effects of the chronic health conditions risen from the drug addiction. It is of paramount importance that the drug addiction must be treated immediately at all costs, because it may result in several life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart failure, breathing issues and many more. The doctors at Psychiatry Clinic are highly qualified with years of experience offering:

  • A thorough medical diagnosis and examination
  • Prescribe medications, therapies, and exercises
  • Long term counselling to prevent relapse

The Most Effective Drug Addiction Treatment in Lahore:

The most effective drug addiction treatment in Lahore is satisfactorily offered at Psychiatry Clinic. The drug addiction reasons could be one or more including anxiety, life pressures, depression, mental issues, bad company, and several others. Each drug addict is thoroughly diagnosed and is recommended customized treatments based on the needs and nature of issues suffering by the patients. The most effective programs/treatments help the patients in recovery from drug addiction. The treatments may involve in-patient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, detoxification, and medications. The most effective treatments through therapies are Biofeedback therapy, CBT, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and experimental therapy.

Drug Addiction Recovery:

If you are looking for the best place in Lahore for drug addiction recovery then there is no better centre than Psychiatry Clinic. The doctors at our centre are considered to be some of the best in Lahore and all over Pakistan. The path to recovery from drug addiction is not easy for the patients as it requires patience and lots of willpower, and all this is made possible by our doctors. There are several stages involved in the drug recovery treatment such as:

  • Pre-contemplation stage
  • Contemplation stage
  • Preparation stage
  • Action stage
  • Maintenance stage

In simple terms, the recovery involves stopping using the drugs or lowering the use gradually, then repairing the damage done by the drug addiction, and then in the last patient grows to become a responsible citizen completely free from drug addiction.

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