Month: August 2022

What is Schizophrenia?

What is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. The prominent feature is a disturbance in reality testing. Sometimes, these patients are not able to differentiate what is real or not. The common symptoms are firm beliefs such as someone trying to spy on him. He may hear voices or see things. In addition, an oddity […]

What is Depression?

What is Depression? An overview of Depression Most of the people ask to their psychiatrists that what is depression and what are the consequences. One of the most common mental illnesses is depression. Depression should be told apart from normal changes of mood that happen after something stressful happens. It’s more than just a worry. […]

Should I Consult Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

Should I Consult Psychiatrist or Psychologist? INTRODUCTION: Today we are covering the most common question asked to us on different platforms that “Should I Consult Psychiatrist or Psychologist?”. Before moving forward we have to understand about psychiatrist and psychologist. than we would be able to understand when go for psychiatrist or psychologist. The Psychiatrist in Lahore […]

What is Panic Attack

What is Panic Attack? It is a type of anxiety disorder where the symptoms of anxiety appear as episodes. According to DSM IV (Diagnostic and statistical manual; an American classification system of diseases 4th version), the panic attack is a state when a person faces a sudden fear of something and discomfort. It reaches its […]