Types and Biology of Memory, A Guide to Improve Memory

Guide to Improve Memory As the name suggests, memory is a complex process that not only involves the brain but also includes other parts of the body. It is a vital part of our everyday life and enables us to focus on important things in our environment.   Types of Memory Below are the different […]

Drug Addiction: Why, How, and What’s Possible to Do About It?

Introduction Drug addiction is a widespread problem and, unfortunately, it’s getting worse. But there are treatment options available that can be very effective. Let’s look at the facts about this problem. Explore what you can do if someone in your life has this issue. What do you mean by drug addiction? It is a complex […]

Premature Ejaculation; Overview, Causes, And Treatment

Premature Ejaculation; Overview, Causes, And Treatment Men ejaculate prematurely when semen leaves the body too soon during sex. Common sexual complaint: premature ejaculation. One in three people has had it. Normal Ejaculation Cycle Ejaculation involves two phases: emission and expulsion. Seminal fluid and gland secretions are emitted. In this phase, auxiliary ejaculatory organ contractions cause […]

What is couple therapy?

Introduction Couples can have a tough time communicating with each other. It’s not easy to be in a relationship with another person, let alone two people who are trying to get along. Couple therapy is designed for couples who want help dealing with their problems and learning how to communicate better with each other. The […]