Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar Disorder What is bipolar disorder? As the name indicates this condition is characterized by two extreme phases of mood. The one is mania and the other is depression. During the manic phase, the patients are very over talkative and overly energetic. These patients used to talk the whole day. They consider themselves special and […]

Depression Treatment

Psychiatry Clinic offers the best depression treatment in the country and Lahore city with 100% satisfactory results. Depression is a mood disorder that causes a consistent down feeling due to any reason. It may also assert loss of interest and may hinder your tasks in your daily routine. Several treatments are used in the treatment of […]

Drug Addiction Treatment

03005563888 Drug Addiction Importance of rehab centres: The use of illicit drugs has increased enormously in our society. This is happening even in universities and colleges. The street drugs are not limited to streets nowadays. The major problem for the treatment of drug dependence is relapse. The patients who quit the drugs start taking again […]

Eating Disorder Treatment

03005563888 Eating Disorder Eating Disorder Treatment : An eating disorder is a kind of serious mental health issue related to disturbed eating. Such disturbed eating habits may affect physical or mental health. Unhealthy eating patterns may cause a decrease or increase in body weight resulting in health decline. But the good news is that eating […]

Autism Treatment

03005563888 Mental Health Issues In Children Autism Child Psychiatrist A child psychiatrist is a medical specialist who is capable of diagnosing and treating autism, ASD, ADHD and mental disorders. The mental illnesses may include bipolar disorder, eating disorder, depression, and insomnia. The Psychiatrist is also experienced with several certifications to treat several kinds of mental […]

Dementia Treatment

Mental Health issues in Old Age Dementia and types: We provide complete assessment and treatment of mental health issues in old age. Common issues are impairment in memory and depression. Dimentia such as Alzheimer disease are important causes of memory loss in old age. If you are looking for the best diagnosis and treatment of mental […]

OCD Treatment

03005563888 OCD Treatment OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder The main features of this disorder obsessions and the compulsion. The obsession are repetitive thoughts. These thoughts are intrusive and foolish. For example, frequent thoughts about dirt and contamination. These thoughts don’t go away even after properly washing hands. Similarly, there can be doubts whether I locked […]


03005563888 Psychotherapies What is meant by psychotherapies: The psychotherapies all the specialized techniques to treat the mental health conditions without the use of medicine. These techniques are not just saying good thing, giving advices, providing motivation, etc. These are the therapeutic interventions that has proper scientific basis. Our trained and qualified psychologists provide all kinds […]

PTSD Treatment

03005563888 PTSD Treatment 03005563888 PTSD Treatment What is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTD): Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTD) appears after the exposure to severe traumatic event. The traumatic event is so severe that endangered life or physical integrity. (Road traffic accidents domestic violence sexual abuse etc.). The individual either experienced the traumatic event or just witnesses it. […]

Schizophrenia Treatment

03005563888 Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a serious illness that is characterized by problems in behavior perception and thoughts. The prominent symptoms are delusions, hallucinations and the oddity of behavior. If not treated properly this disorder results in marked decline in daily functioning. There can be the increased risk of violence on others as well as self. […]

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